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Related post: Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 15:32:25 -0600 From: Subject: Red 3Red by: dnrock( Settling InKos gave up his part time job when he moved back home. I was sad for him but happy for me. I can spend more time with him.Some of his friends came over on Saturday, we played preteen bikini topsites basketball in the drive way and cunt preteen swam in the pool. I got dunked a bunch but it was lots of fun. I think his friends let me make shots they would block, if one of them took them. Around the pool they were preteen underage naturalist smoking marijuana. I can tell, I remember that smell. Those bastards that beat me, sometimes used it. Kos would not let them share with me. At first, I was a bit disappointed but he didn't have any. Kos would not give me any of his beer either, so I stole a sip, it is bitter, I don't like it. After a while the boys all seamed to get very relaxed preteens lovers and funny, they began to sing dirty songs. That was funny and I learned quiet a few. I like to sing, it's fun. One of Kos' friends, Norbert, told Kos I had a real good voice and should take training. I don't know about that, I guess I can hit the high notes, as he said.Later Kos told me he and Norbert sang in a boy's choir together. He dropped out when his voice changed but Norbert still sang. I told Kos I liked to sing and was willing to give music a try, if he wanted me preteen dutch to. Kos got real excited. I know he wanted pthc preteen top me to but he went on and on about doing sports and music because I wanted and to have fun, not because of his thoughts or opinions. Later he went into the basement and came back with two acoustic guitars. One was quite small, I thought it was a toy. Kos told me it was his first and just the right size for a ten year old.He tuned it up and handed it to me. I had no idea what to do with it. He showed me several cords and how to hold it. Then he tuned his up and began teaching me how to play a simple song, Three blind mice. He went and got a book and showed me the notes. Kos got another book, it was old. He told me it was American Folk Songs, collected by someone named Ives. Anyway he played and sang lots of them, Kos is real good and he preteen vagina galleries can sing well. I sat next to him and once he gave me the pitch I would sing along with him. I'm glad I preteen archives sex read so well. It was fun. I like being close to Kos too. I get tingles when our skin touches. xxx ftp preteen He does too, I think. I see he often gets a boner at times like this. Me too, but you can see his. Uncle Fred called and talked to Kos about my biological, no, former adoptive parents', trials. Kos did not youth preteen nn want me to go, he told Uncle Fred to try and keep petite feet preteen me out of it. I guess that was not possible but he would make sure no spectators were in court and it was before judge only. The night before my court appearance, Uncle Fred, Eric and my new cousins, Ruth and Harold visited us. Ruth and Harold are Eric's brother and sister and they are both lawyers in Uncle Fred's firm. They told me all about what would happen and that I should just tell the truth and if I didn't know the answer to a question, just say so and if I didn't remember something, just say that too, and if I didn't understand the question to say that. They said, if the ADA or one of the lawyers objected, to just sit tight until the judge ruled. The most important thing was not to add anything, just answer the question and stop.I was nervous about this and after we went to bed I couldn't sleep, so I got up and crawled in with Kos. He was asleep, man is he hot in bed. I mean he is very warm, not hot like internet models but he is that too, a whole lot of hot. I like it nice and warm but I had to get up and take off my pajamas. He sleeps nude, so did I. It was fun pressing my body free nnpreteen galleries against him. When I woke up in the morning he had his arms wrapped around me. I like that. He didn't seam upset or anything, just asked me if I was scared or nervous. I said nervous.We showered together. I like showers, especially with Kos. lovely model preteen Usually I would have baths but not since I came to live here. He washed my hair and then his. I wanted to wash his penis. It is so big and harry but I didn't ask and he didn't offer. I think he preteen hardcore nude is afraid to touch me some times, like I might break.We drove in the little red sports car, Mom Smith's car, to the college and I stayed in the library until Ruth preteen pantie model came to fetch me. I like riding in thailand ls preteens it. I can see everything without straining my neck. I wanted Kos to come to the court too, Fred said that was not a good idea. She took me to the law offices and Fred and I walked over to the court house. Their offices are real fancy and everyone was nice to me. I could see from the pictures in their offices, I have lots of cousins and aunts and uncles, yet to meat. Uncle Fred told me that Eric, preteen yo hot Nancy and Simon had already testified and that the judge just wanted to hear my story, from me.When we got to the big doors of the court room, a guard let us in. The room was mostly empty. That didn't mean I wasn't still a bit hesitant. I could see my former parents, sitting at a table, with a youngish looking man, I took to be their legal aid lawyer. At the other table were a man and a women. The courtroom looked like the ones you see on TV, with a jury box, witness stand, judges podium, state and federal flags, two cops stood by the doors. It kind of reminded me of a church, not that I ever spent much time in one of them either. We sat a couple of rows back, behind the DA. One door opened and a middle aged lady came preteen sex index in and sit at a small table near the judges podium. Fred told me she was the court recorder.The other door opened and one of the cops said "All Rise, sexy animated preteen this court is now in section, The Honorable Edmond Carter presiding." Fred and I stood up, along with every one else. I could see my former mom had been crying. My old dad just looked sad, kind of like he was real hung over."Do the People have anything else to say, before I make my verbal ruling?""No, you Honor", the man said."The Defense?""No, your Honor.""All right, before I render a verdict, I am going to take a very unusual step. I have asked the victim to appear. He is accompanied by his legal counsel." He turned to the recorder lady. "My conversation with Russell will be off the record. The People and the Defense have both agreed to this, highly unusual step. Justice must not only be done but it must be seen to be done. Since this trial was by judge alone and since the victim is a minor child, I had placed a publication ban on these proceedings, something both preteen underage babyj the People and Defense agreed with."One of the bailiffs brought two chairs from the jury box and set them up in front of the podium. Judge Carter came down and motioned to me, calling my name. "Please come up front Russell."I went up and he introduced himself and motioned for me to sit. Now I could see all the faces of the others."I must tell you, during this trial your name was mentioned many times; it would seam the only thing the two sides agreed on was the color of your hair." He smiled and I smiled back. This wasn't very scary after all. "Russell I want you to tell me, in forbidden preteen downloads your own words, everything that happened, from the time your got home, until you arrived in the hospital. Can you do that"?"Yes sir, I stayed at the library until it closed like I do most days..." He asked me a few questions, but mostly I just talked. When I was all done he asked me if what I had told him was complete. I responded, as best I could remember but what happened between the time I climbed out my bedroom window and when Sandy found me in the park, was a bit fuzzy. He laughed a bit. He asked me what I thought should happen to the Tolkan's. I looked right at them. "I think they should be placed into some kind of drug rehabilitation program, like those being talked preteens mom about in the newspaper and kept away from any child for a long time." He asked me what school I attended and stuff preteen nudist beaches like that. He leaned over and whispered to me, his granddaughter was the other red head in my class, and "she thinks your real smart and real cute". preteens nymphets nudes I turned real red again but was also glad he whispered that. I whispered back, I thought she was cute and smart too. Judge Carter homemade preteens nude thanked me and shook my hand and I went back and sat by Fred. I was glad that was finished, but over all, it was OK.He climbed back to his podium and told the lady, the court was back on the record. tiny preteen virgins He thanked me for attending and sharing my story with him and the others. "Criminal trials are all to often devoid of the human element. When children have been victimized, their feelings and impressions need to be understood and recognized by all parties. The law has no feelings but people do."Judge Carter asked the defendants to stand and read the charges: One count each of physical child abuse, one count each of endangerment and two counts each of failure to provide the necessities of life. "This court finds the defendants guilty on of all charges. A sentencing preteen erotic bbs hearing will be held two weeks from today. This court is adjourned." Then Carter did another strange preteen model veronica thing, he leaned over the podium and addressed the defense attorney. "I think you owe this lad an apology and I think a big ice cream cone, don't you?" The defense counsel looked a bit stunned at first. "Yes your honor, I do too."Fred told me, not only was that unusual in any court but for Judge Carter a rear event. "He is one of the most by the book types I have ever come before." I did get a nice big double dip cone from the 31 flavors store, just down the block. The defense counsel was a nice young man, who apologized for any incorrect things he had said about me. Fred later told me the fellow, never having met me, only had the information the Tolkans had give him, it was less than truthful or accurate. Carter, just wanted to teach youngs preteens videos the young legal aid lawyer a gentle lesson, about checking his facts more carefully, before appearing in his court again. "That young man won't make that mistake pictures preteen clit again," Fred assured me. I'm not quite sure I completely understand everything that went on. I mean, I understand what went on but not the underlying part, what adults call "subtext".There was little, even the most experienced counsel, could have done for the Tolkans. Eric had collected good forensic evidence, even matching the broom handle, he found in their home, to small fibers Dr. Evens collected from Russ' skin, fingerprints, Dr. Evens photographs and his conclusions about how the bruises were made and their age, etc. The DA's people, along with other social services uk preteens illegal staff and corrected records, showed this had happened before and that Russ was a well liked, polite and very bright student. In fact, everything he told the judge had been more that backed up by the evidence presented perviously. Their was no doubt about what happened, or who did it, or when it was done. That is why the DA did not need him, as a witness and the preteen thai bbs defense was smart enough not indonesia nudes preteen to call him. Fred had Ruth prepared a victim impact statement for the sentencing hearing. They did not tell preteens nude club Russ what it said, just that they would see to it. What they did say, in the brief statement, was a reinforcement of what Russ had said to Judge Carter. That and he would appreciate a no contact order, until he was at chillporn preteen least 18.This was not the last of the Tolkan's legal troubles. A Grand Jury was looking into criminal conspiracy charges against preteen rusian pussy Marshall, et al. It appeared that not only was the adoption extraordinary but the Tolkans receiving social assistance for 10 years, when they didn't qualify, fraud. Russ was not told anything about any of this, except what he needed to know. His original adoption had been set aside, he would be formally adopted by the Smiths. Simon had done some DNA testing and it turned out that Russ' biological paternal line, i.e. his Y chromosome, was Marshall but not him. It looked like a male, first cousin. It also turned out, his female DNA contribution, was from a Marshall, second degree relative, on his mothers side. Simon did not tell this to anyone; he surmised Russ' biological parents were cousins and the Marshalls, being a good Catholic family, hushed up the incestuous birth, by having the baby adopted quietly. His major problem was in not selecting quality parents, at the time.Eric and Fred surmised much of this from the documentation found youngest tight preteens in the Tolkan home. Should any of this come out in the sweet preteen russian criminal conspiracy trials that lay ahead; they would be ready but until that time, each professional kept his piece of the puzzle to himself. They wanted to protect Russ as best they could. Since this evidence had been obtained legally, it could be used if necessary. Fore warned is fore armed, as they say. ...........................Ever since top teeny preteen mom and dad left for the UK, Kos and I have spent most of our alone time or when Eric visits, in our undies. I was wondering how a skinny dip would feel but with the number of two story houses around, Kos said that was not possible. "Perhaps when we go to the country we can find a secluded place." I think it would be lots of fun but that's Ok. "It has been some fearsome hot in these parts of late", so going with minimal clothing is more than Ok with me.Russ got that line from an old Tom Mix western, which was way older than dad Smith, probably from Grandpa Smith's time. The boy just seams to remember stuff like that, when he reads or free preteens sexcams hears it.I have been looking at the boys and men in Kos' photo files and on some of his favorite porn sites. He has got to be hung as good or better than most. I was comparing myself to the boys my age. I think I'm more like the 12 and 13 year olds, than the other 10's. Kos seams to like seeing me in my action hero briefs. My penis is usually sticking straight out and that makes spider man look three diminutional, kind of.Sandy is real funny, she seams to keep poking her nose in my crotch, it feels funny but I kind of like it. When she does that, I giggle and give her a nice pet. Eric said I was encouraging her preteen funlumpkins portal to do it but that's all right, she is my friend and you can't say no to a friend, can you. I wish I could have a dog. Eric was telling Kos, every boy should have a dog buddy. Kos told him not until our parents get home, it is just a little to much for him right now. I guess he does have a lot to do, with all his studying and keeping the place in some kind of reasonable shape. I help clean, but I guess I make messes too. It takes me most of Saturday morning to dust and vacuum, as it is, I guess Kos is right.I had a real hard workout at Marshal Arts this afternoon. I hope Kos knows what to do, the instructor told us white (novice) and yellow belts to ask our parents for a "rub down", what ever european preteen vids that is. I like it now that I can ride my bike to and from school and over to the dojo, at the university. Best of all, their are two other boys my age in the neighborhood, that 16 preteen are in my school and the dojo. (A room or hall in which judo and other martial arts are practiced. ORIGIN Japanese, from *do* `way, pursuit' + *jo* `a place.') We can ride together, that's more fun. I wish Sheila O'Keef was taking Karate too. Now that I know she thinks I'm cute...I think she is too. Girls are just not as much fun as boys under most conditions but the other girls at the dojo are lots of fun.Russ wheeled his bike up the drive, using the key on a chain around his neck, opened the garage preteen stories free door and parked his bike. Kos gave the bike to him. It was his, when he was Russ' size. Russ was not all that sure models sex preteens about it at first. Sure he was thrilled to be given any bike and one his personal hero and big brother rode at his age, that was even better. Once Kos showed him how to use the gears and set him up with real neat saddle bags, everything was cool. ..............."Russ where are you?""I'm in the dad topless preteens TV room playing a game, why?" Kos came into the room with his arms loaded. He was laden with several huge canvasses."I have a painting assignment for one of my studio courses. I was hoping you would be my model."Sure bud, I'll do that." Russ was thrilled to be asked but he was just a bit embarrassed to preteen sites top say so."You will need to sit or stand very still, for some lengths of time, is that Ok.""Sure." Oh boy I get to model for him, wow he wants to paint me. "Do I get to be nude? Our Sensa told us to ask our parents for a rub down, what ever that is. He said we worked preteen teen movies real hard today.""Do you want preteen nn bikinis to be nude?""Sure why not, its just you and me, we're both boys last time I looked." I giggled and Kos just smiled. I was already striped down to my undies anyway. Kos put his packages big preteen movies down and went up the stairs, two at a time. He preteensex thailand holiday was back in a few minutes, in his briefs. They are bright yellow, skin tight, very low rise boxer briefs, that left little to the imagination, mine anyway. Damn he is even sexier than those internet models I was looking at. Not only can you see his half erect cock and his large balls, his butt is almost as nice as mine. Round, two globes with preteen boy pee a wide cleft, I think that's the word, between. I let out a whistle and he blushed a bit."Lets underage preteen thongs give you a little rub down first. Holding still for long periods will only make you stiffer.""Ok but what is a rub down?""It a massage, you know, I rub your muscles to work the lactic acid out swimsuit preteen model of them." (Recent research has shown that is not quite correct but close enough for this author.)Kos must know everything, he is always giving me way more information than most people do. I like it too, not that I candid preteen bbs am afraid to ask questions, Kos just explains stuff so my questions are real, not just dumb stuff. Kos found a small bottle of massaging oil and warmed it in the microwave. He had Russ pull off Spiderman and lay down on his tummy, using a beach towel to protect preteen incest humiliation the carpet. "You got to be naked too," Russ admonished his brother, who complied. Kos has very little experience at these things. Nancy had used him for practice while in nursing school, but naturists preteen pussy he little preteen jailbait was never naked. She had him keep his undies on but Kos likes looking at Russ' bare butt and it would be simpler to work on his gluts, without the tight briefs. Besides Kos much prefers naked to clothed. He was very pleased that Russ was quite comfortable in states of undress, at least around him."Now little man, the most important thing is for you to relax, you just let yourself drift asian preteen teen off. You preteens free galleries can close your japanese preteens 12yo eyes, if you x preteen directory want."Kos found a relaxation CD in his parents collection, something by Tim Janes. Russ was not all that keen on this "mood music" stuff but it seamed appropriate. Kos drew the drapes making the room very dim."I can't believe it, this is just super, this feels great. I sure like his touch but this is even better, it makes me tingle. Oh he is moving toward my ribs, I hope he won't tickle me. That feels so good and it only tickles my penis, oh I like it."Kos was gentle but firm, just as Nancy said it should be. He worked along Russ' back, shoulder and arms then he moved to his feet. From the sole of he feet Kos moved up each leg to the fold in at the base of Russ' bubble butt. Just as Kos was about to start on his gluts, Russ quietly preteen model mya asked for more on his preteen mafia sex back. Kos without thinking moved up, placing his picture galleries preteen knees on either side of Russ' hips to reach. That's chat preteen room when it happened, his now quite stiff penis brushed along Russ' butt cleft. This sent little shocks coursing through Kos and elicited low sweet murmurs from Russ. It happened several times, each time Russ murmuring. As Kos moved back to focus his attention on the gluts, Russ adjusted his hips to accommodate his now, japanese preteen free very stiff, little penis. Russ is feeling things he never did before. Kos began to recognize Russ' reaction, as his hands moved over the boy's erogenous zones. He did not think a boy so young would have these reactions. cum for preteen Kos' large hand almost encompassed the lad's butt cheek.Kos was not quite sure why, on a cognitive level anyway, but he was compelled to experiment with this boy. What he didn't recognize, until later, was his actions were part of a grooming process. He was grooming his little brother to be his boy lover, just as Eric had groomed him. Ok, not exactly the same, but with the preteen pictures archives same objectives in mind. Spilling some additional softcore models preteen oil on the models preteens sites gluts and letting it run into the cleft followed by his preteenporn modles fingers, gained just the reaction he wanted and not what he was expecting. Russ began to murmur again as the spread his legs, giving the fingers better access.I liked the feelings I was getting from Kos, I really liked the feelings as his fingers slid along my butt cleft. What I had not noticed before was how much my balls had grown. They were hanging down more than ever before and as Kos' fingers slipped along them, I got the best tingly feelings I ever had before. Kos pressed his finger on my anus and slowly moved it around in a little circle, I just about died from the excitement it was causing me. I wanted him to push it in but he didn't."Oh, god Kos that feels so good, more, please."Kos pushed his finger in a bit and it felt so good. Oh so good. He kept up the little circles pushing his finger in and out at the same time.I was going nuts, I never had feelings like this before. No one ever touched me like this before. No one ever touched me much for anything, except hitting me. I knew this touching stuff was going to be good, that's what all the books said. Now I know how good.Kos pushed Russ' legs further apart and began pressing his finger on the little space between his scrotum and anus, the perineum. Russ began breathing harder as the excitement built to climax, it would be his first. Kos backed off at this young tender preteens point, preteen animated nude he did not want his little buddy to climax before he was finished with the massage. Kos realized that Russ at 10, well almost 11, was where he was at 12 almost 13 when Eric showed him the ropes. He could not believe his good fortune. He was just a little afraid of it, at the same time."Roll over Russ, let me work on your front side." Russ smiled and complied. He wanted the nice feelings, the exciting feelings, to continue. Kos returned to his massage procedures. He mpegs of preteen could see the lad's penis was rock hard and sticking straight up, the foreskin stretched and pulled back, exposing most of the bright red head. Kos wanted it, he wanted to fondle this boy toy, he wanted to take it into his mouth, let his tongue dance over its length and width. He focused on his task. Russ' eyes were wide open now, seeing Kos' erection. His hard penis sticking out and curved a little up, the head bright red, like his own hair, the organ pulsing with his heart beats.Kos paid some modest attention to the lads nipples, they were small but still sensitive. He avoided his groin and let his hands work along maxwell top preteen the legs and arms, until he was done with the therapy. Russ eyes were closed and his little penis preteen gallery list was bobbing in the wind, preteen boy suck with nude preteens baby every beat of his heart. Kos' lips engulfed the boy treasure, his right hand fondling the small scrotum, feeling the recently formed but still small testicles. Russ was now writhing beneath him, his eyes were still closed and he was making more and louder sounds of pleasure, as the experienced oral cavity played with the novice penis.Kos pressed again on the lad's perineum and slipped his index finger into the virgin anus. Russ let out a little ladies preteen gasp, as the large finger invaded is inner space. Kos began curling his finger, stroking it, in a "come along" like motion, contacting the small hard prostrate. Russ went ridged and shook, experiencing his first dry preteen webcam pics orgasms.By now Kos' erection was hurting it was so massive and hard. He just had to take care of Russ first. That is how Eric had trained him. Eric had given him so much pleasure, so often, that he became addicted to it. He would do anything sexual Eric asked."Oh god man, that was wonderful, I mean wonderful.""Your turn to make me happy.""Ok but I..." Kos silenced the boy with several long lingering tongue probing preteens bikini free kisses."Here flip around and take me into your mouth like I did you. Ah, watch the teeth. Oh that's it...lick it, kiss it, suck on it....that's it."I ukrainian preteen feet couldn't believe it. I mean, I never experienced anything like this before and now with Kos' penis in my mouth. Well about half of it anyway, and seeing his reaction, I realized the giving was as good as getting and touching as good as being touched.Russ lay on Kos' body, his crotch placed directly over his brother's mouth, his little hands holding the massive erection and his mouth engaging the penis head and upper third, as best he could. Kos for his part, continued to service his little brother, getting two fingers in small opening this time.Later that night as they climbed into bed Kos gave Russ the first of his many admonitions about ever admitting to anyone, under any conditions that he was sexually active with adults. Russ of course, promised. .......................Russ' narrative is not always faithful to time chronology but in general he is being sequential, well more or less so, anyway."Kos, how come I look so much older in the painting?""Its called artistic license." Kos smiled, " I hardened up some of your expressions, just a bit and made preteen modeling board some preteen nudist daughter of your muscles bigger, that is why you think preteens girl nude you look older.""I think you gave my penis a little extra and some non existent pubic hair too.""Maybe just a little, shall I take it off.""Oh no, you know a little naturist preteen nymphs wishful thinking never hurt, did torrent preteen model it?""I guess not, but whose wish is it?""Both of us, I guess." Russ pushed in against Kos who's left draped over him while he pushed his face into Kos' chest.Kos' painting was a very large canvas called "Boy In Motion" It depicted Russ, naked of course, with his bright red hair, taking part preteen models castle in about 10 sports actions.This is not an original idea. This kind of thing has been done before, with: boys, girls, women and men, as models. The mix of sports is different and the settings or actions are also different. preteens girls asians After all, Kos is only a first year student and this was an assignment. The exact subject, presentation, age of the model and so on was left to the student. "Do you like it little man?""Do I like it? I love it and best of all, no one will ever know I can't really do all those things very well."Kos had just preteen pictures taken pictures of Russ doing most of the actions. In the pictures Russ was not always naked. In some of the scenes their were other boys too, but none were in the photographs Kos took."You do just fine for a boy of 11.""What's next, when do I get to model again?""I got to get this finished first. Next, I am working from some photographs. I have a portrait of you, Simon, Nancy and I, to paint as a gift to mom and dad and then I have another assignment that will involve you, Eric and Sandy. That will be mostly from photographs. Right now I need you to take my picture for the family montage.""Your not going Norman Rockwell on me, are you?""Not in his style but maybe in the theme. Hay what do you know about Rockwell?""I know who he was and I read a big book at the Library that nude preteen grls showed a lot of his work, mostly Saturday Evening adolescent preteen galleries Post covers, but other stuff too."Kos and Russ dressed in "Sunday-go -to meeting" cloths, as dad would call them. With the camera preteen top kds on a tripod and the studio preteen dance lights set up, Russ sat and then Kos with Russ working the cable release. Later that evening Nancy and Simon came over and Kos took their pictures. They all sat together for a few group shots, using the camera's auto timer.All during this period, after each modeling section, Kos would make sure Russ was treated to some kind of sensual and sexual activity. Either a rubdown, shower, hot tub soak, followed by oral sex. Russ was starting to share Kos' preteen sex child bed on the nights Eric was not staying over. After a few weeks Russ began demanding Kos' attention. Not in a demanding kind of way but in his much more subtle manner. cartoon hentai preteens If Kos was not paying sufficient attention to his little brother, that brother would press his naked or nearly naked body against him, until he relented and gave preteen boy cumshot the boy what he craved.Narrator here: From time to time I will place some notes, either in videos de preteens the text or at the end of the chapter. The author is a science guy. Part of my job is make this story flow as a narrative, not an article in Scientific American.[Karatekas wear a *gi*, an outfit consisting of white, loose-fitting pants and a jacket cinched closed with a belt. The color of the belt indicates the karateka's skill level, or *kyu*. The most advanced karatekas are ranked by their *dan*. Here is a typical ranking system, in ascending order: 9th to 6th kyu (novice): white belt 5th kyu: supe cute preteens yellow belt 4th kyu: orange belt 3rd kyu: green belt 2nd kyu: blue belt 1st kyu: brown belt 1st to 8th dan: black belt 9th and 10th dan (rarely awarded): red belt
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